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Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Simplify your Account Payable operation with our AP Automation solution and increase your productivity by at least 30%

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Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

At any given scale of a businesses, processing invoices often involve a myriad of manual work and long processing times. From ordering, good receipt, to performing 3 way invoice matching, every single step requires careful evaluation as money is involved. 

Our AP Automation is specifically designed to provide a superior end-to-end solution to manage your entire account payable operation. Throughout the AP Automation processes, it involves, scanning, processing, approving, and storing all your invoices. We have consistently helped our client reduce at least 30% of their operational cost with digital transformation. 

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efficiency and is customizable base on your needs.


Faster Invoice Approvals

Abnormalities are automatically detected and corrected for user approval. Complex business rules and validations can be implemented to save time for your business users.

On-Time Payments

Shorter AP processing time means better financial management and healthier supplier relationships. Your organization may start to enjoy early payment rebate from your suppliers.

Greater Account Visibility

As every step in the AP processing is recorded and tracked, our AP solution reduces the chances for fraudulent payments. Additionally, our solution can be set to automatically reject double payments to the same invoices.

Improved Working Capital Management

Payments can be scheduled and planned for better cash flow management and able to capture early payment benefits.

Consistent Efficiency

To ensure all clerical errors are captured and corrected before making payment, thus avoiding payment fraud or double payment.

Better Collaborations

To promote collaborations among departments to reduce the burden and workload redundancy of the finance department.

Ideal Compliance

To incorporate up-to-date regulatory measures and maintain compliance with the governing bodies.

Paperless Automation

Invoices sent to remote location can be digitized and processed centrally at HQ thus further reducing costs. All PO-based invoices are only paid after matching. Goods received notes and delivery orders can be implemented with various business rules that is unique to your operation. Non-purchase order-based invoices can be processed with proper approval by the designated departmental approvers according to the authorized limit.

Enhanced Security

Users can be categorized into different security groups and only the authorized personnel will be able to view and process the invoices. For non-purchase order-based invoices, all approvals and rejections are recorded in audit trails for compliance.

Proven Integration

Our AP Automation has been proven to integrate with ERP backend such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, SharePoint, IBM FileNET and many other enterprise-level systems.

Case Studies:

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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

IBM Premier Business Partner

Tungsten Automation Trusted Partner

Joget Accredited Partner