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Automating and streamlining the loan life cycle including loan servicing, reporting, and customer monitoring

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Digital Lending Platform

With many of our clients in the finance industry, we understand the challenges you face in managing loan applications and processing efficiently. The traditional manual methods involving heaps of paperwork, endless back-and-forth communication, and the risk of human error can often result in time-consuming delays, decreased productivity, and frustrated borrowers. That’s where our end-to-end digital lending platform can deliver, offering a seamless and organized workflow to revolutionize your lending operations.

Possible Pain Points:

  • Tedious Paperwork: The laborious manual paperwork involved in loan processing consumes valuable time and resources.

  • Document Management: Managing and organizing the vast amount of borrower documentation can lead to confusion and delays.

  • Inefficient Approval Process: A slow and disjointed approval process hinders timely loan disbursal, impacting borrower satisfaction.

  • Communication Bottlenecks: Frequent back-and-forth communication between loan officers, managers, and attesters can cause delays and miscommunication.

  • Cumbersome Scheduling: Coordinating appointments for legal briefings can be a challenge, leading to unnecessary delays in loan processing.

  • Compliance and Security: Ensuring data security and compliance with regulations is crucial but can be complicated without the right tools.

Example Workflow:

Step 1 - Loan Application
Submit applications with borrower details and loan specifics, simplifying the application process for borrowers.
Step 2 - Repayment Details
Managers provide loan amount, interest rate, and repayment date, streamlining the approval process.
Step 3 - Legal Briefing
Schedule a legal briefing with borrowers and attesters, facilitating clear communication and understanding of loan terms.
Step 4 - First Level Approval
First level approval for thorough evaluation, ensuring compliance and reducing risks.
Step 5 - Second Level Approval
Final signature for second level approval, expediting the process and enabling faster loan disbursal.
Step 6 - Loan Disbursement
Effortless disbursement and updates, improving borrower experience and satisfaction.
Step 7 - Effective Loan
All relevant information captured for easy access, providing a comprehensive view of the loan.
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More solutions available to increase operational
efficiency and is customizable base on your needs.


Reduce Data Entry Errors

Fill out applications via our user-friendly Joget form, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.

Appointment Scheduling

Set appointments between borrowers and attesters effortlessly, improving communication and reducing wait times.

Document Upload

Submit essential documents like bank statements and personal details seamlessly, ensuring all necessary information is readily available.

Report Generation

Analyse data efficiently with detailed reports, gaining valuable insights for better decision-making.

Enhanced Process Visibility

Track loan processing every step of the way, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Workplace Flexibility

Given its online access and convenience, users can work from anywhere at anytime.

Product Customizations

Further customizations can be added and integrated into the Digital Lending Platform, such as, Customer Portal, Payment Gateway, File Storage, Content Imaging and more.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By unifying touchpoints of internal departments and customers, processes are streamlined and expedited. Customers can experience a personalized and enhanced servicing.

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