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Enterprise Imaging Solution (EIS)

Physical documents are often stored digitally using scanners, which results in a digital image copy. However, conventional systems are unable to interpret vital data within these images without Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. An EIS leverages on the conversion of physical documents to digital copies with the implementation of OCR, which can recognize printed texts, tables, barcodes, checked boxes, images and even handwritten texts.

The recognition of such business data functions as a gateway to a plethora of intelligent systems that can interpret them and help make strategic decisions. It removes the need for manually inputting printed data into physical forms, with added speed and reliability.

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Versatile Recognition

The EIS solution is equipped with a broad range of data recognition and collection engines, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Barcode Recognition.

Amplified Content Agility and Security

As the EIS solution can be hosted on cloud-platforms, content can be captured from its point of origin and shared instantaneously regardless of geographical limitations. Document security is heightened as all types of inbound documents and information are captured at the perimeter of an organisation or wherever they are received.

Accelerates Document Workflow Processes

By minimizing the time spent on data-entry processes, the overall document workflow processes are significantly accelerated. Paired with an ECM solution, it provides an end-to-end solution as it involves creating, tracking, editing, storing and managing documents.

Image Compression

Capture crisp and clear colour image while delivering the small file size of black and white image. Its data compression capabilities ensure that storage is wisely utilized while preserving data quality.

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