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DB2 Implementation

IBM DB2 is one of the most robust databases used by large enterprises like banks, insurance, and government agencies.

Being one of the most proven DB2 implementors in Malaysia, Persys has successfully deployed and optimized DB2 for many of our clients in the banking and insurance industries, as well as various government agencies. Some of the services offered include installation and configuration, HADR, DR failover, version upgrade, DB2 hardening, performance tuning and more.

More solutions available to increase operational
efficiency and is customizable base on your needs.


Exceptional Scalability

The volume of transactions on any web application varies. Transaction loads can increase or spike at different times of the day, different days of the month or different times of the year. Transaction loads also tend to increase over time. With DB2, it can handle the full range of transaction loads with little or no impact on performance. Its stability ensures that any individual user is generally unaware of performance issues under heavy server loads.

High Degree of Availability

DB2 allows for high data and application availability. If one DB2 subsystem is unavailable, for example, because of maintenance, other DB2 subsystems can take over the workload. Users are unaware that part of the system is unavailable because they have access to the data and applications that they need.

Protection of Data Integrity

Users of DB2 can benefit from the product’s well-known strength in the areas of security and reliability.

Data Migration Services

We can upgrade existing databases and implement DB2 or migrate to a new DB2 server entirely. We have upgraded and migrated databases in the following scenarios:

  • Windows to Linux platform
  • Windows to Unix platform
  • Unix to Linux platform

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