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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an enterprise-level storage system that stores digital contents and makes them easily accessible online to the employees of an organisation. An ECM solution provides highly accessible, long-term, and secure storage for all your confidential materials. ECM system can interface with many other enterprise-level systems seamlessly, acting as your central repository throughout your IT infrastructure.

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End-to-End Content Management


Process, modify and employ information so it can be found and used by whomever it is intended for. Content security can be drilled-down to user-specific permissions for each item or its respective content type.


Temporarily back up frequently changing information in the short term. The ECM solution is packed with an array of backup solutions, ensuring that your files are recoverable in any given contingency.


Digital storage translates to the permanent archival and protection of digital content for an indefinite period.


Its instantaneous content-searching capabilities allows users to access vital information at any given time in a matter of seconds. Contents of a document can be indexed to provide faster search times, e.g., Invoice Number, Bill Number, Client Company Name, etc.

Broad-Ranging Software Integrability

The ECM solution encompasses a wide array of content sources such as a scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, email, fax, web service or folder. Its dedicated application server and ready-built APIs offers more than 140 connectors to various lines of business applications, such as ERPs, SAPs, BPMs and other enterprise-level systems.

Simultaneous Collaboration

Interoperability and collaboration between branches and departments are greatly improved as the library of document archives are accessible and editable simultaneously.

Document Audit Trail

As the ECM solution keeps track of access records, edit history, document versions, and document owners, it allows for an extensive audit trail for traceability and accountability.

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