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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform makes it easy for our customers to build, deploy and manage software robots in mimicking repetitive, mundane, and sophisticated operations.

Our advanced RPA platforms had been used in banks and had been proven to improve productivity by more than 300% in some use cases. From our past experience, we have successfully reduced the operation time from more than 8-man hours to less than 45 seconds with additional capabilities such as encryption and compression.

We have various packages to fit your budget and needs with our unique perpetual or subscription-based licensing model.

More solutions available to increase operational
efficiency and is customizable base on your needs.


Free Up Teams for High-Value Work

Many aspects of a workplace can be automated, such as email marketing, talent acquisition, customer service, sales, human resources and more. The automation of repetitive tasks allows the resources to be diverted elsewhere, ultimately leading to higher efficiencies and healthier profit margins.

Consistency Around the Clock

With the consistency of digital computations, tasks can be performed 24/7 while eliminating human errors.

Less is More

Task automation does not only offer consistency and the elimination of human input, but it also offers operational speed that is incomparable to humans. With exceptional task processing times, automated tasks can be scaled up to maximize results.

Functional and User-Friendly

The low-cost nature of RPA bots are contributed by its minimal hardware and computer literacy requirements, allowing the typical business user to develop their own RPA bots.

Boost Productivity Across the Board

Manual tasks consume large amounts of time and energy, human beings are simply no match to RPA bots when it comes to repetitive operations. The basic principle behind the concept of RPA: let your employees work on the cognitive tasks and let robots handle the repetitive jobs that get in the way.

The RPA bots’ ability to perform tasks in repetition is incomparable to human beings, as tasks are completed much faster.

Improve Efficiency to Generate Savings

The combination of a human workforce and RPA tools leads to reduced operational cost. We have helped our customers save millions of dollars every year by automating mundane tasks with greater accuracy and productivity.

Consistent Accuracy

The software robots automate repetitive and complex tasks with systematic and predefined steps. Our experts subject the software robots to vigorous testing to ensure they accurately meet your business requirements even under the most extreme of loads in the production environment.

Improve Business Data Security

Confidential data, especially those involving personal or monetary information can be protected by the software robots by encryption without human intervention, thus minimizing the possibility of data leaks. Your customers can be assured with a robust RPA platform at work.

Seize Opportunities for Scale

RPA is particularly advantageous in workflows with varying volumes. Without automation, businesses may need to allocate temporary hires or shift employees from other duties to bear the load. Robots can scale up and down instantly to handle any volume of work.

Produce Data for Important Analytics

In many cases, using RPA contributes to identifying insights to areas where improvements can be further developed. Through these new intelligence obtained from data analytics and reports, more optimized operations can be established and adopted.

Create a Better Customer Service Experience

Customer service is a high maintenance, high-commitment process that required a large amount of time and attention from employees. By spending less time on repetitive administrative tasks, staffs can prioritize their attention back onto customers. Resolution times will improve, disputes will decrease and overall customer satisfaction with your company will climb.

Non-Intrusive Integration

Automation is part of the stakes of doing business for new companies. For established organisations that have grown and evolved over many years, legacy systems might make automation a riskier undertaking. However, RPA tools, especially those based on no-code platforms, does not necessitate for a total systems overhaul. RPA lets organisations scrutinize as they evaluate end-of-life opportunities for legacy deployments.

24×7 Workforce Without Taking a Break

RPA greatly reduces the investment in human capital. An organization can now onboard and serve customers from anywhere anytime. Yours customers can always have access to your services.

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