Case Study

How MAS Legato achieved 80% touchless operation in their AP process

“All business challenges were addressed during our engagement with Persys, and helped us reach our goals.”

Kishan Srikrishnarajah

Manager-Business Application

As a financing Shared Service arm of Southeast Asia’s largest apparel and textile manufacturer (MAS Holdings), MAS Legato Pvt Ltd has sought for Kofax to digitize their paper-based, manual accounts payable (AP) process into a near-touchless operation to stay competitive in the industry. In collaboration with Kofax as a trusted partner, Persys Technologies Berhad was engaged to deploy Kofax TotalAgility as the primary content-imaging solution, to work in collaboration with Kofax’s Process Director and MAS Legato’s existing SAP.


“Increase productivity and maintaining our competitive position in the industry is one of our biggest challenges.”

Chandana Gurusinghe

Director of Process and Operations

With the aim of addressing the challenge, MAS Legato has identified the following business objectives to be achieved in the project:

  • Digitizing all paper-based invoices.
  • Lowering invoice capturing and approval times.
  • Achieving 80% touchless end-to-end AP process.


Given its industry leading position, MAS Legato receives 1.4 million invoices per annum from 1,100 vendors worldwide, resulting to an average of 3,000 invoices daily. It is vital for Persys to employ the best practices of the IT industry to ensure the reliability and scalability of the system. Hence, Persys has placed emphasis on optimizing the integration application between KTA and MAS Legato’s existing SAP, as it is crucial when dealing with a large number of concurrent transactions.


Persys has also guided MAS Legato with recommendations in an effort to address the challenge of digitizing invoices from all vendors across the supply chain and onboarding users onto the KTA platform.


The project’s requirement gathering, development, systems integration testing, user acceptance testing and deployment phase was concluded in a short span of 6 months. Within that period of time, MAS Legato has reaped substantial benefits and was able to achieve their business goals.

80% of all invoices received were processed with touchless end-to-end operation.
5x faster invoice digitization process times
90% reduced system errors

With its enhanced speed and precision of the AP process, employees can emphasize on higher value work. MAS Legato was able to free up its workforce by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, such as, data entry, invoice matching, filing and more. PO-based invoices are matched against SAP’s PO records via integration. Invoice discrepancies are flagged by Kofax Process Director for user verification. KTA-extracted invoices are also conveniently stored in SAP via integration. Thus, employees were freed from such tasks to emphasize on higher value work, which in turn, promotes higher levels of workforce productivity and retention.

Boasting a 90% reduction in system errors, the implementation of this project has helped MAS Legato vastly improved its reliability with a holistic approach. As invoice processing times are greatly shortened, relationships with clientele and vendors were strengthened, which can be crucial for parties on credit-term. The deployed solution further provides its user enhanced process visibility with its monitoring capabilities, as its serves as an audit trail of invoice transactions with stringent permission controls. Moreover, the emphasis on systems reliability has not compromised scalability, as Persys is still continuously supporting MAS Legato with further optimizations and enhancements.


This case study serves as a success story of adopting industry-leading technologies with qualified and professional implementation. With the help of our certified engineers in Persys, MAS Legato was able to:

  • Achieve 80% end-to-end touchless AP process
  • Shorten invoice processing times
  • Increase process visibility
  • Promote workforce productivity and retention
  • Enhance clientele and vendor relationships
  • Improve systems reliability and scalability
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